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When you need accounting services in Melbourne, Florida then give our team at Bullock & Leslie Tax & Accounting a call today to see how we can help you. Attestation services provide “a report on subject matter.”

There are numerous types of attestation services that companies might request. Yahoo! Voices explains that, “a company that has concerns about possible misstatements of financial information provided by various divisions would want to request attestation services for all of those divisions. Another example would be a company that has concerns regarding the various divisions’ internal controls over certain items, such as accounting for inventory or the cash receipt cycle. That company should request attestation reports on internal controls for all divisions.”

“Companies may also, wish to require attestation services in regard to financial statement supplementary information, inventory quantities, and compliance with GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. Each of these items is of great importance, and requesting attestation services in regard to them would be a wise choice,” Yahoo! Voices reported.

If you need to utilize our attestation services in Melbourne, Florida then feel free to give our accountants at Bullock & Leslie Tax & Accountinga call today to schedule a consultation.