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As your choice in Melbourne accounting firms, we are constantly keeping an eye on changes in Florida’s government. We enjoy helping our clients and their businesses to navigate tax laws and fulfill accounting obligations. The only way to do this to the best of our abilities is to stay up-to-date in multiple aspects of legislation and government.

Yesterday, Governor Rick Scott was signed into office to serve his second term as Governor. According to a recent article, Scott has expressed his desire to continue his focus on growing Florida jobs. As in his first term, one of Scott’s main focuses is his plan to cut Florida taxes by $1 billion dollars over the next 24 months. He acknowledges that the only way to promote growth in the sunshine state is to fight against the ever-growing government.

If you’re interested how recent legislation changes, and elections will impact your taxes, and therefore your income over the next several years, contact our office today. Our team will be happy to help you navigate the laws and help you get the best return yet.