Businesses and individuals seek help from certified public accountants to protect assets and handle complex financial management tasks. So why, then, would anyone hide information from their accountant? A new report indicates that as many as 28.6 percent of clients admit to withholding critical financial information from their advisers! Bullock, Garner, & Leslie reminds you that full disclosure is essential to your financial planning.

Among the most undisclosed topics are retirement status, marital problems, and health concerns. All of this information is valuable to your CPA because it may impact tax returns, credits, or financial planning for future years. Some clients hide information because it’s embarrassing, while others simply think it’s unrelated to financial matters.

Bullock, Garner, & Leslie, your Melbourne FL CPA firm, takes a holistic approach to tax accounting and financial planning. We want you to feel free to discuss all aspects of your situation with us so that we can better serve you. We’ll show you how everyday matters can impact your financial future, and we’ll help you plan accordingly.