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As your CPA tax accountants in Brevard County, we find ourselves in the midst of filing season and we couldn’t be happier. We work hard to make sure that our customers receive the refund that they deserve and that they receive all the tax breaks that Florida law permits.

If you’ve filed your taxes and you know that you’re going to get a refund, chances are you are anxiously waiting and checking the mailbox twice a day. The IRS shared several answers to frequently asked questions about tracking your refund, which we’d like to share with you here:

• How quickly will I receive my refund?
The IRS issues most refunds in less than 21 calendar days.
• When can I start checking on my refund status?
24 hours after the IRS has received your electronically filed tax return OR four weeks after you mail a paper tax return.
• How can I get quick and accurate information regarding my refund? Check out the Where’s My Refund? Tool or use the IRS 2Go application on your mobile device.

As the countdown to April 15 continues, we hope that you choose the team at Bullock & Leslie Tax & Accounting to serve as your CPA tax accountants. Contact our office today to schedule a meeting with our dedicated tax professionals.