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AtBullock & Leslie Tax & Accounting, we’re concerned with your small business’ performance and long-term financial health. As your Melbourne CPA firm, we believe that tax strategy and a solid accounting plan help form the backbone of your business. According to a GoDaddy survey of small business owners, however, many entrepreneurs don’t know what to expect year to year on their taxes.

The survey data revealed that 12 percent of small business owners have no idea how much they will owe in income taxes, while 74 percent reported that they usually know the “ballpark” of what they owe, while just 15 percent know exactly how much they owe. You want to be in that 15% bracket where you know exactly what you can expect and how to plan ahead. And we can help!

At Bullock & Leslie Tax & Accounting we are concerned with both your business’s profitability and your personal finance. Contact us today for a tax strategy that could save your business and your family money.