If you feel comfortable preparing your own tax returns and just need a little guidance, our Melbourne, Florida accountants recommend using the tax software company that we use in our own office, Drake Enterprises. They have a website available so that you can prepare your own tax returns. Drake Enterprises offers 3 categories for your convenience:

  • Simple—this tax return preparation is free and for people who are single or married, under 65, without kids or dependents, who have standard deductions, and a taxable income of <$100,000.
  • Basic—this package is $19.95 and is for people with standard deductions, a taxable income <$100,000, people with retirement income, or more tax credits.
  • Deluxe—this package is for all personal and business income, itemized deductions, any taxable income amount, and all tax credits.

“With 1040.com you don’t have to choose between different packages. Just step through the easy interview and fill out the needed forms and you’ll always get the lowest cost option possible for you,” Drake Enterprises explains. So if you feel comfortable filing your own tax returns then choose a tax software company that is trusted and recommended by our experts at Bullock, Garner, and Leslie.