CPA tax accountants Melbourne

As your CPA tax accountants in Melbourne, we often serve as a representative between our clients and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Recently there has been an influx of scam calls to consumers pretending to be the IRS and we’d like to share the facts with you here.

Dealing with the real IRS is nerve racking enough as it is. But in recent weeks we’ve learned that we now need to worry about someone calling and pretending to be the IRS. Your CPA tax accountants want you to know that facts so that you can protect yourself against these scam calls. The IRS has sent out a notification outlining ways to detect a scam, explaining that the true IRS would never:

• Call and demand an immediate payment. Or call about owed taxes without having mailed a bill first.
• Demand that you pay taxes without giving the opportunity to appeal the amount owed.
• Require a specific payment method like a prepaid debit card.
• Ask for debit/credit cards over the phone.
• Threaten to bring in law enforcement to have you arrested for not paying.

Should you encounter a call from the IRS, please contact your CPA tax accountants at Bullock & Leslie Tax & Accounting, CPA firm for further guidance.