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AtBullock & Leslie Tax & Accounting, CPA Firm we are always keeping a watchful eye on Florida’s tax laws and any kind of alterations to them. With the half-cent education sales tax recently being approved by voters here in Brevard County, we thought we’d take a moment to visit its possible implications.

In the recent November election, Brevard County residents voted to approve the half-cent education sales tax. This tax increase will go into effect January 1, 2015 and raises Brevard’s sales tax from 6% to 6.5%. The increase in sales tax will stay in effect for six years. The new tax revenue is intended to support our local schools. Whether the tax increase will impact sales within the county is yet to be determined.

At your Melbourne accounting firm we are interested to see the impact of the half-cent tax throughout our local area. Please contact the staff atBullock & Leslie Tax & Accounting, CPA firm today with any questions regarding your personal or business taxes. We look forward to serving as your partners.