Tax Planning & Projections

Do you ever feel like you could do more to keep what is yours?

Bullock Garner & Leslie is available to assist you with your tax planning and compliance needs anyway we can. If you have little or no expertise when it comes to internal tax needs, then our team can work with you to develop a plan that ensures you are proactively addressing these needs. However, if you handle a lot of your own tax needs and simply need assistance with your return preparation, planning, or special projects then give us a call and let us assist you!

Income Tax Projections

Hate surprises at tax time?

No one likes surprises when it comes to filing your taxes. For this reason, we work with our clients to perform mid-year projections so that any increases or decreases in your income are being considered before you make any tax payments. By allowing us to complete these mid-year projections we can help you avoid penalties for underpayment of estimated tax returns, allowing for efficient cash flow management, and most importantly this ensures you peace of mind.